About Basement

We are a small team that wants web3 as a place where everyone should be able to build on open protocols, regardless of technical knowledge.

We've built a mobile app to follow friends on Ethereum as a side project. After shipping the first beta, we were hitting limits of existing tools and infrastructure all time, and we found out how hard it is to have creative freedom and build fast and accessible applications on Ethereum.

Realizing it's still super early we started exploring ways how we could make web3 easy to build on. We switched focus to start building towards a no-code toolset to empower builders and creators on the new internet.

We believe we should empower everyone to build on Ethereum, regardless of technical knowledge and background. To achieve this goal we are building accessible tools and are looking for new frens that want to join us as founding team members. The path towards this goal has a lot of unknowns, to us this is an exciting challenge. Our focus is to create an inclusive and transparent company where people can fail and iterate on ideas, regardless of title and prior experience.

We raised a $750k pre-seed round in funding from founders and operators that inspire us; they have (previously) worked on product companies like WeTransferAwkwardSketchWerckerUsTwo, and are now supporting us in building towards our vision.

Does this excite you? Hit us up, and let's make web3 better together ❤️